Customer engagement approach

Bien Pham

AWS is one of the largest global Cloud services providers and is backed by Amazon. Organizations around the world are recognizing the benefits for their businesses that can be delivered by the combination of cloud-based applications and workloads. Building upon the AWS pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and importantly, cost optimization. Creating a technology led winning combination that can benefit organizations and businesses in every vertical and in any geographic location, world-wide. 

Here at Nymlogic, our business is founded on our passion for working with our customers and helping them to leverage the AWS value and delivery of increased business benefit through technology excellence. This works equally for companies that have an existing AWS deployment and are seeking to improve and optimize, or alternatively, businesses who are seeking new AWS deployments and need to migrate their current workloads and applications. 

We excel at DevOps and in tandem with this, we develop an agreed individualized project plan in partnership with each of our customers. We define agreed timelines, together with the allocation of respective roles and responsibilities. In many cases, where organizations may want their internal teams to develop their skills prior to adoption of an in-house management of AWS, then we work together with them, acting as a mentor. This facilitates the capability of allowing either all, or just part, of their AWS service requirements and management to transition over to their in-house teams in a controlled, safe, and measurable way. Where for some companies and businesses, internal resources may not be available, then our Nymlogic team will act as an ongoing, independent, flexible and contracted support resource.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, responsive, and flexible to accommodating to our customer’s individual requirements.

Our customer engagement approach

We take a DevOps approach at Nymlogic. Here, we don’t just focus on leveraging the benefits of automation and infrastructure as code, we also take an integrated approach that factors in people, practices, and processes, together with recognizing the business benefits of cost optimization and flexibility towards business demand fluctuations. This invariably results in helping to smooth out any undulations in associated capital and operational budget spend. We adopt an approach that follows closely with the AWS five pillars, and here at Nymlogic we have in addition to these, built our own collaborative customer engagement best practices:


Here we work with our customer in understanding and often helping develop their business strategy, together with constructing an associated business case and often the invariably all-important need to demonstrate a positive ROI (Return on Investment).

In tandem with this we develop the high-level design and undertake a scope of work which converts into a formal Statement of Work, together with the associated financials.


At this stage we convert our high-level design into a low-level design, developing a 

performing, resilient, scalable, and efficient infrastructure architecture for each individual customer series of workloads and applications. We adhere closely to the architected approach of the AWS Well Architected program in the delivery of our fully integrated and architected solution. Operational excellence, security, reliability and performance efficiency, all form part of our integrated solution approach, importantly and as a distinction, security is not bolted on as an afterthought, but as integral element of the overall architecture from the get-go. 


Dependent on the customers agreed statement of work, as we highlighted earlier, generally the deployment piece is where the ‘build and operate’ elements become beta tested, prior to going fully live. There is no one size fits all with AWS and in this phase, we generally work with various deployment streams relating to infrastructure, applications, and containerization. There may also be a need to work alongside other third-party deployments, necessitating an integration program where synchronization may need to happen as part of the deployment. 

Broadly deployments fall into individual categories dependent upon respective customer requirement and their approach to risk. Mission critical and non-mission critical deployments may create differing deployments even with the same customer environments.  Significantly, the largest majority of deployments, whilst not wholly exclusive, fall into three main types:

This is where we run two instances in a mirrored environment, with one running the existing application and another running the new application. A planned, gradual, and controlled cut over is then executed over time, mitigating, and reducing deployment risk impact.

Rolling deployment is invariably quicker than Blue/Green deployments and is based on a single instance. It has the associated and increased risk of complicating any roll back if the deployment develops unforeseen challenges and the increased potential of resultant down time.

This is where no infrastructure is replaced or configured, and the applications are installed with little or zero change to the underlying infrastructure. It is generally a faster deployment but can come with some measure of additional risk and the increased potential of resultant down time.


Here we further fine tune the deployment to ensure gaining the maximum benefit in relation to:

  • Infrastructure

Virtualised and scalable infrastructure designed and architected to deliver optimum speed, performance, security, storage and capacity. 

  • Applications

Correct sizing that maps to elasticity of business demands and directly correlates with the requirement of maximising cloud service utilisation of programs and access.

  • Costs

Optimised spend to gain best value from your AWS investment. Leveraging the ability to add/change/delete Cloud services rapidly in response to growth or contraction of business requirement. We work with clients to future proof investment and ensure customers maximise the very best investment returns commensurate to operational costs and available budget.

Management and Monitoring

We recognize that Management and Monitoring is a hugely important and integral element of AWS. Here we work with each of our customers towards providing a tailored and bespoke approach that best supports their individual needs. 

Whatever the landscape and mix, Nymlogic will work to provide customers in developing and implementing the very best practices, policies and procedures, specific to their requirement. 

Post-Sales support and Consultancy

Nymlogic works with each individual customer to determine and scope a bespoke approach to Consultancy and post sales requirements.

We work to provide and establish a statement of work that details roles and responsibilities and mutual agreement of expected outcomes  .

AWS Expertise and Accreditation

Nymlogic staff are AWS Certified from AWS